What It May Take To Collect Watches


Since the 2008 financial crisis, the financial and economic climate has never been as uncertain as it appears to be these days. But is it not true that historically, there have always been uncertain periods. And during these eras, still the case today, many a smart and savvy investor always seems to keep his head above water and continue to profit for the long-term. A new investment vehicle has caught on over the last few years.

Apart from investing in conventional stocks, bonds, cash and the like – volatile items that, while rising in value over a period of time, could lose its value in the blink of an eye, a select group of people are turning to tangibles such as paintings, wine, and watches. And provided that the discerning or bespoke collector is making the astute choices, these items never lose its value. And like good wine, it matures with age. But all value is lost once consumed? No, not entirely. There is still the aesthetic and esthetic experience of selecting and savoring the wine until its aftertaste has finally left the palate.

A fine taste is most certainly required to start collecting watches. And here you are not referring to the standard brands or icons that have become household names over the years. Here, you are referring to the rarest of collections. And it is an intricate business endeavoring to retain and improve upon the value of these watches, preserving them and protecting them from being damage by exterior factors.

Initially, the processes of becoming a wine or watch collector only appear complex on the surface. Inevitably, there is much to be learned about the craft or trade, and going forward, there is much that can be gained from becoming an avid collector of bespoke creations of fine and antique watches. If the correct collection of watches is made, value continues to accrue until the collector’s dying day.

watch collectoravid collector of bespoke creations of fine and antique watches

Like any valuable collection of note, the potential is there for a love affair to commence. There are those collectors who will, from time to time, wear their watches. It is like the discerning gentleman who collects rare classic sports cars, brave enough to take it out onto the roads. The interesting thing about this practice is that those who surround the collector will hardly notice. Unless, of course, he is someone who chooses to flash and show off.

Such a person, however, does not have the makings of a fine watch collector. Nevertheless, the classic and rare watch becomes representative of its owner’s character and personality. One collector makes mention of the fact that his mechanical collection keeps him grounded. He is referring to those old watches that require winding at least once a day and usually in the morning when the gentleman arises. It is a far cry from today’s digital watches that only require a touch and a wipe. New tech still comes and goes but the old order still remains.