The Enterprising Ostrich – A Tail In 2 Parts

On the most direct level, most of the enterprise will come from the male ostrich. He will flutter his magnificent jet-black ostrich feathers at his more sedate female peers, do the dance of the ranch and several months later, a couple of rock hard eggs will have materialized in their shed. Today, most of the ostrich enterprise emanates from the farmer to the merchant. The farmer is facilitating the mass fertilization of ostrich chicks.

Once they have all been harnessed to desirable ages and sizes, both their feathers and meat will be harvested for discerning customers with refined tastes all across the globe. Fashion conscious ladies and gentlemen get to enjoy their ostrich leather pouches, cases, purses, handbags and shoes. For the more outrageous among sociable men and women, there are those magnificent plumes. And for the solely industrious types of customers, there is your famous ostrich feather duster.

Think of this as a sustainable alternative in good housekeeping as opposed to whipping around a power sucking vacuum cleaner. Speaking of whips and just thinking of those unconventional folks for another moment, those famed feather dusters do have other uses too. Nothing like a good hiding, especially when you deserve it. Today, more than any other day, there is a need to live as sustainably as possible.

ostrich feathers

Fortunately, sustainable practices are possible in the ostrich farming industry. Unlike other meat species, ostriches are ideally free-range. This may have something to do with their unusually large size. They have acres of farmland to roam. Of course, they cannot fly away. Both the ostrich meat and eggs are rather delicious in comparison to other meat sources. And they are also extremely healthy to consume too, being low in fat and high in protein.